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With over 40 years of experience, Belle continues to build on its reputation as the premier producer of the highest quality peas and protein of any processor in North America. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation at every level means our customers can trust us to deliver the finest product on time, every time. 

Our proteins, starches, and fiber are now common ingredients in some of the biggest brands (not just vegan), from crackers, snacks, pastas, breads, plant-based meats, and milks/beverages. From farm to market, we are equipped to provide for the needs of a hungry world, now and into the future.


Key to our success is an exceptional commitment to quality through the entire farm-to-market chain, high-grade manufacturing equipment utilizing proprietary customization for efficient processing, long-standing relationships with market-making customers, and a company culture built from decades of success. > MORE


From the perfectly split pea and other breakthroughs, Belle Pulses has been acknowledged time and again for their innovation and contribution to the growth of pulses in the pulse industry. > MORE


Belle Pulses has helped shape the pulse industry for over 40 years and has seen three generations of ownership. What all that experience boils down to is trust. Our customers know that they can trust us with quality and to deliver the quality expected every time even in this current time of global supply chain disruption. > MORE


By keeping 89,500 tons of methane out of the atmosphere pulses are a logical source for sustainable, traceable protein. 49% of consumers consider sustainability when purchasing food, making pulse protein products the choice of environmental conscious consumers for generations to come. > MORE

We do everything we can to maximize the value for our customers. Whether its whole peas, yellow peas, faba beans, or grinding yellow and green pea skins into a meal or flour that can then be converted into pet food.


Innovative Food Solutions Start Here

As one of the largest processors in Canada, we produce a wide variety of versatile pulse products to meet the demanding ingredient needs of the food industry globally and its customers.


100,000 TONS

of product produced
shipped to

35 countries

153 global

more than

89,000 TONS

of methane kept out of the atmosphere

Serving Global Nutrition Needs

Belle Pulses may very likely already be in your pantry. Our products are incorporated into many of the products we enjoy every day, from snack foods to meat substitutes. Pulses already provide about 10% of the total dietary protein consumed in the world and are nutrient dense, making them perfectly suited to satisfy the expected 60% increase in demand for protein over the next 30 years.

In addition, consumers are increasingly demanding a protein source that is high quality, affordable, healthy and sustainable. As one of the most eco-friendly and efficient crops in the world, pulses require less fertilizer and water, lower overall greenhouse emissions, and are a versatile, innovative source of protein for a growing, planet-conscious population.

Our Products Are in Everyday Foods:

Gluten-free foods




Belle Pulses is part of the Eat Well Group portfolio of companies. All of whom are dedicated to the products and practices that contribute to sustainable business development, quality food, and nutrition security across the globe.

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