Belle Pulses is the largest processors of plant-based ingredients in Canada, with over 40 years of legacy and global growth. The company counts a broad range of customers in over 35 countries, including global strategic food companies and major ingredient distributors. Belle Pulses has partnered with industry-leading brands in the plant-based foods sector and has developed proprietary and healthy ingredients to provide to the market. Key to its success is an exceptional commitment to quality through the entire farm-to-market chain, high-grade manufacturing equipment utilizing proprietary customization, long-standing relationships with market-making customers, and a company culture built from decades of success.
Currently, Belle produces nearly 100,000 tons of fully traceable product, yielding over 26,000 tons of pure plant protein. This equates to the contribution of hundreds of millions of plant-based burgers and even more for healthier plant-based chicken, nuggets, and pastas, crackers etc. This also benefits the environment with current savings of nearly 100,000 tons of methane from the atmosphere annually, a leading contributor towards global warming.
We believe food plays a central role in all human societies and is a key determinant of our overall well-being. Food and agricultural infrastructure are the cornerstones of all cultures, and we want to celebrate and grow Canada’s rich heritage and capabilities to feed people on a global scale. As a premier supplier of Canadian-grown pulse products, we believe it is our responsibility to apply the latest science and original thinking to create food solutions that contribute to healthy nutrition and a sustainable world.

Early 1900’s

The French government sells land parcels in Saskatchewan for a mere $1 to French Canadian farmers from Québec. They begin specializing in the production of wheat, oats, barley, Canola, lentils and peas.


Farmers begin seeding yellow peas for pea soup, and Jean Gaudet harvests and sells them to the Quebec Company Catelli. These are the peas which make Habitant brand pea soup.


Jean Gaudet becomes the first broker in Saskatchewan to bag and ship yellow peas to the Quebec market.


Jean Gaudet passes the business to his son Ron Gaudet who establishes a small cleaning plant on his farm, increasing production to three semi-truck loads of yellow peas per month.


Ronald Gaudet and his sons, Gustave, Victor and Antoine found Belle Pulses cleaning all pulses, peas, lentils and faba beans from all regions of Saskatchewan.


Belle Pulses starts processing split peas when they purchase a pea splitter, the first of its kind in the province. Fifteen thousand tons of pulses, 90% of the pulses produced, are now exported worldwide.


The pea-splitting process was further advanced with a proprietary innovation that cut cooking time by a third, vastly improving efficiency.


Ronald Gaudet passed away leaving the business to his two sons, Tony and Francis. Today, Belle Pulses ships over 100,000 tons of product to clients all over the globe.


Growth & Harvesting
Husking & Processing


Since the beginning, the cornerstone of our business has been quality. We provide the best product at the right price, the right amount, delivered at the right time, each and every time. 


From developing new, healthier products to meet the changing needs of our partners and their consumers, we utilize high-grade manufacturing equipment customized to speed up processing time by splitting the pea perfectly. Belle Pulses has been acknowledged time and again for their innovation and contribution to the growth of pulses in the pulse industry.


Belle Pulses is one of the largest processors of plant-based ingredients in Canada, with over 40 years of legacy and global growth. That experience translates into efficiency, service and quality for our clients. 


Belle Pulses is committed to providing the world with nutrient dense, sustainable food. The pulses we supply have a positive impact on our environment by improving our air, water and soil. One of the most sustainable crops in the world, pulses adapt to semi-arid environments so they require less water, little-to-no nitrogen and fertilizer, contributing to a healthy and diverse environment.


Our small team of proven leaders have successfully developed over 3,000 relationships with the Canadian farming community. In Saskatchewan alone, that agrarian community represents over 36 Million acres of fertile growing space and production.



Tony Gaudet, President

Tony Gaudet is the President of Belle Pulses and a shareholder of EatWell Group. The Gaudet family, including grandfather Jean and father Ronald, have been supplying peas to North American food manufacturers for approximately 70 years. Tony was named recipient of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers’ Pulse Promoter Award, which recognizes important contributions and innovations that have helped to build the Saskatchewan pulse sector.

Francis Gaudet, COO

Francis, the younger brother of Tony, is the Chief Operating Officer of Belle Pulses. He was also the recipient of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers’ Pulse Promoter Award, which recognizes important contributions and innovations that have helped to build the Saskatchewan pulse sector.


Myrna Mclvor is Belle Pulses’ Chief Financial Officer, leading its overall management, finance, reporting, logistics and production scheduling functions. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant with 20+ years of finance experience with extensive experience in the pulse processing and trade sectors.

“The reputation the Gaudet’s have worked so diligently to build and maintain have made the Belle Pulses brand a name that is known and trusted worldwide. That strong positive brand recognition is due to the quality of the product they ship. If the product is not of the quality they think their customers will be happy with, they won’t ship it.”
Carol Baldwin – Toronto Star


2020 Pulse Promoter Award

The Pulse Promoter Award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the development of Saskatchewan’s pulse industry in the areas of production, marketing, research, extension, processing, management and innovation.

2019 CSCA: Industry Appreciation Award

This award is conferred on organizations in recognition of the contributions made to promote and support the special crop industry in Canada.