As an emergent sector globally, plant-based foods represent a double-digit growth category.
Furthermore, with over 35% of the world’s supply of pulse
proteins coming from Canada, we are uniquely positioned at the epicenter of grower relationships and supply chains to benefit shareholders and consumers.*

The rising demand of plant-based products

In 2020, retail sales for plant-based alternatives grew twice as fast as overall food sales in the US. Sales for plant-based meat in particular grew 45 percent. In fact, some forecasts predict plant-based meats may capture up to 6% of the global meat and seafood market, necessitating the production of 25 million
metric tons (MMT) of plant-based meat annually.*
*Source: Good Food Institute –”

With its state-of-the-art facilities, proprietary processes, and an unrelenting focus on innovation, Belle Pulses will be a part of the solution meeting this 25MMT production target. We are dedicated to maximizing growth by exceeding quarterly targets and generating cash flow that maximizes shareholder value. Our team has extraordinary experience in this industry, and are prepared to deliver on the urgent needs of the world food system.

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